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No rest for the wicked
“Can you go to Marrakech next week?”

The enquiry from the other side of the office came out of the blue on a cold, grey January morning. I thought about it for all of five seconds, before replying in the affirmative. Did I want to drop everything and go to Morocco? Hell yes!

I’ve been writing about the events industry for more than three years now and I quickly came to realise that this kind of request is par for the course. More than any other industry I’ve worked in, the events industry has the ability to throw up situations and opportunities I never thought possible – all at a moment’s notice.

The Marrakech trip is to attend Meetings Morocco, a top-notch opportunity to meet new people and get inspired about a country I’ve never been to. In fact, make that a continent I’ve never been to. What better way to kick off 2017 than by visiting Africa for the first time?

So it’s once more unto the breach, dear friends, as we get back into the time-honoured traditions of printing out boarding passes and panicking about passports and prepare ourselves for another super-charged 12 months of eventprofs action.

What’s the weather like? No idea. Where am I staying? Worry about that later. I can’t wait. See you in Morocco.

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