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Why I love shooting conferences

It’s not just event professionals that love conferences. London photographer Dan Burman has a passion for event photography – and here he shares why he loves shooting meetings…

1. I love learning
I often find myself really appreciating interesting talks and debates. I have very broad interests and have enjoyed learning about science, tech, marketing, medicine, and politics as well as motivational talks by specialist speakers. We are living in exciting times - scientific, technological, social and political revolution abound, bringing forth a brand new world. Photographing conferences allows me to bear witness to these developments from the inside, which sometimes feels pretty special.

2. I love meeting interesting people
Conferences are a great place to meet people who are passionately engaged in their subject. There's always a good buzz. Occasionally a special speaker or VIP guest also shows up.

3. I get to go to some really interesting places
I have ended up in some great venues over the years in London and all over the UK. Some of the best places my conference photography has taken me include: the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, The Hunterian Museum, The Crystal, the London Eye, the Churchill War Rooms, the Natural History Museum, the Painted Hall Greenwich, the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, Manchester Town Hall (pictured) and the Emirates Stadium. Attending conferences means I get to go to places I would not have done otherwise, often I might not even know they exist.

4. I get to participate in fun activities and see great shows
I get to meet some great entertainers, including magicians, musicians and theatrical displays and I always enjoy their shows.

5. I enjoy the shooting style
Each photographer has their own preferred style. Personally I enjoy documentary and location portraiture. Conference photography offers me this opportunity. I even end up shooting a bit of product, interiors, architecture, food, action at conferences.

6. I like the variety
Each conference is different and I never get bored. I am constantly encountering new people, places and subject matter.

Dan Burman Photography / www.londonphotographer.co.uk

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