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Nice to be out
What’s the best thing about travelling for business? In new research conducted by ConferenceLeeds, almost half of participants said it was ‘the novelty of being away from the office’.

The results highlight how much we enjoy experiencing time away from our usual day-to-day routine, through attending conferences and events in different cities.

The poll of 2,000 business travellers found that other top reasons for enjoying travelling away on business included a sense of adventure (43 per cent) and travelling somewhere they wouldn’t have seen on their own accord (36 per cent).

Head of ConferenceLeeds Claire Heap says: “Our survey results demonstrates that business people love travelling away in order to escape from their usual routine and to get out of the office. This includes attending conferences, which is why it’s essential that these events are not just an extension of a traditional office day, and are filled with interesting learnings, good food and fascinating surroundings.

“It is clear business people love to get out of the office, with our study also finding half of business travellers wishing that they could travel even more than they currently do, to get the chance to experience new things and explore exciting cities.”

Do you agree with the findings? Is getting out of the office the number one perk of business travel? Let us know in the comments below.

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