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Every cloud, they say...

The Daily Mail says: "It's a disaster, the pound sterling is on its knees!" In France, Le Monde says: "Mon dieu (or similar) - it's a disaster, the Euro is too strong!"

So what is true? Here's a fact: good news doesn't make headlines when newspapers try to grind political axes!

For those of us whose heads are spinning from listening to self-styled financial experts, it's all a bit terrifying. Where does the truth lie? As someone who failed maths O level three times, I can hardly claim to have even the beginnings of an answer. However, consider this:

*2008 was the best year for UK tourism (domestic and inbound) for many years.

*In 2009, Sterling's weakness will be UK plc's bonus and visits from Euroland are expected to grow dramatically as the UK becomes more competitively priced.

*While UK companies are making redundancies, they are loathe to take conferences abroad and are seeking venues in the UK.

*Occupancy levels are falling in UK hotels and so are prices.

So remind me..what was the bad news again?

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