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Happy pretend Christmas
It’s mid-November and the Christmas season is in full swing. Well, to be more accurate, the pretend Christmas season is in full swing.

Pretend Christmas is what I like to call the period immediately after Halloween, when the shops suddenly fill up with tinsel and glitter. You can tell it’s pretend Christmas because the big retailers are unveiling their mawkish Christmas adverts, the supermarkets are launching their festive sandwiches (pictured) - and my inbox fills up with nothing but Yuletide nonsense.

Honestly, it's an epidemic. Just today I’ve been sent a list of Christmas office party dos and don’ts, an invitation to a Victorian Christmas festival, and the offer of watching a live broadcast of a speech by Santa Claus. Not to mention the umpteen emails from hotels and restaurants offering me exclusive Christmas deals.

However, while I like a good moan about pretend Christmas, I have to admit I’d probably miss it if it didn’t happen.

So with this in mind, I thought I’d get into the spirit of pretend Christmas by putting out a reminder about our Christmas Parties feature. It first appeared in our September issue, but it might well come in handy now if you’ve got any Christmas parties that have been lumped on you at the last minute.

Or more likely, you’re already looking at Christmas next year.

Happy pretend Christmas, everyone!

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