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Keep this clean wave rolling

My daily commute reminds me of how much waste we produce.

It's the long lines to the coffee stands as people get their morning caffeine hit and the hundreds of empty, often non-recyclable coffee cups left behind at the train station.

It's a sight that gives me a bit of a pang whenever I think about the wider scale of waste and how many habits there are to break before we reduce our footprint.

And so it was with relief to hear about the gains being made within the events industry, led by Positive Impact and in line with the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism.

Chatting with Positive Impact founder Fiona Pelham last week, she told me that our industry was on track rallying to create more sustainable practices, and that it was - perhaps unsurprisingly - millennials leading the charge. Those practices are being shared on social media with the hashtag #Shareapositiveimpact, to share ideas and encourage one another, while agencies like MCI and We are Vista are actively measuring their carbon footprints to benchmark themselves and set new, lower targets, and others such as The Bulb, Rapiergroup and drp are achieving formal accreditation.

I get the feeling too, that more venues are aiming to better themselves and reduce their carbon footprint and waste output. Warwick Conferences has been awarded silver and gold accreditation by Green Tourism, while other venues like the Edinburgh International Convention Centre (EICC), Edinburgh's Assembly Rooms and ACC Liverpool have enjoyed other certification.

It's all part of a positive push within our industry, and given the power of events, it is exciting to witness. Get involved by sharing your best practices on Twitter using the hashtag #Shareapositiveimpact and visit the Positive Impact website to find out how else to get involved - and let's keep the momentum going.

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