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Ploughs, trains and automobiles
A big thank you to every single one of you that attended the M&IT Awards 2018 at Battersea Evolution.

The turnout, in the face of some of the worst weather conditions the country has seen in 30 years, was amazing.

Hours before the awards opened, as blizzards battered London, I had visions of being sat on my own all night with nothing but a fancy table centrepiece for company.
However, I needn’t have worried, as when it comes to celebrating, it’ll take a lot more than a bit of snow to stop you lot.

The stories are already legendary. Did Venues & Events International chief executive Anita Lowe really get a snowplough to clear a path out of her house so she could go the ball? Yes she did. And hers was just one of hundreds of tales of cancelled trains, last-ditch taxis, closed airports and all round epic journeys.

The big question, then, is was it worth it? Well of course it was – it was arguably one of the best awards nights in our 31-year history. It’s not known as the industry’s top networking event of the year for nothing, and from the moment people came in from the cold they were on top form, merrily chatting and sharing snow stories over a glass of sparkles before getting stuck in to a full night of celebrating our wonderful industry.

Conducting the backstage interviews with the gold award winners (pictured), it was clear just how much the M&IT Awards mean to them and their businesses – and also how highly everyone in the sector values the night.

Inevitably, the 2018 M&IT Awards will be remembered as ‘The One Where It Snowed’ – but the fact that it will remembered at all is only down to the resilience and commitment of the people who were there. So once again, thank you – we couldn’t have done it without you.

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