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Power to the events people

Is there a new political awakening in the events industry?

I only ask, because in the run-up to the General Election last year, I was ringing round trying to get industry types to comment on who they wanted to win – and it was like getting blood from a stone.

There was nothing in my inbox either, no one prepared to shove their head above the parapet and express an opinion one way or the other. (Regular readers may remember that I blogged about it at the time).

Fast-forward 18 months and we’ve had a run of political shocks, starting with the unexpected Tory majority of 2015, followed by the double whammy of Brexit and Trump this year.

And it really seems to have woken the sector up.

Just today I called a contact who answered the phone by remarking that he was watching the Autumn Statement and couldn’t understand why anyone would ever vote Conservative.

And on a fam trip last week, one of my fellow attendees treated our French hosts to a lengthy diatribe about why the Brexit vote was the stupidest thing he’d ever heard of.

In case you think I’m only chatting to loony liberal lefties, I should also say that I had a conversation on the same trip with the owner of an agency who was insistent that the UK ought to bring back national service.

My inbox is brimming with this kind of stuff as well - barely a day goes by without there being some kind of industry reaction to Brexit or Trump or government decision.

It’s very exciting for me, as I love a good debate about politics, but I’m usually restricted to shouting at Radio 4’s Today programme on the drive to work.

So I fully welcome the politicisation of the sector. Send your blistering opinions, hot takes and incoherent rants my way!

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