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Tired of being ripped-off for WiFi

Wireless internet now starts from as little as £7 per month – why am I telling you this? No, I’m not getting commission from BT, it’s to highlight how much the cost of the technology has tumbled in recent times.

How then can venues justify charging as much as £15 per person, per day to access the internet? This is nothing but blatant profiteering.

Being able to quickly log on and check emails without having to go through the rigmarole of entering credit card details and obtaining a pass code makes such a difference to corporate guests' experience – and what does it cost the venues to offer this service? Not a great deal in the scheme of things.

Some hotel brands are getting wise to the business sense of offering complimentary WiFi as a value added extra, including Radisson SAS and Apex, who must be applauded for leading the way.

Others, including giants such as Holiday Inn and Hilton, are still getting away with offering free WiFi for conference organisers only. They’ll have to do better to ‘net’ buyers in the current economic climate.

Indeed, while recently having a show-round at a Thistle the sales manager revealed that free internet for all delegates would be included should it become a deal-breaker.

So let’s make it a deal-breaker and put an end to this rip-off practice!

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