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Wandering hands

Honestly, you can’t trust anyone nowadays. Earlier today Donald Trump blasted the gathered media at the World Economic Forum in Davos for news fakery and whatnot. His comments drew audible gasps from the shocked hacks.

POTUS is currently fighting for column inches against another kind of president;  the Presidents Ball gala dinner story has reached boiling point as hostesses present on that fateful evening abandon their non-disclosure agreements faster than you can or can’t say “Who’s for a sausage roll?”

In an altogether different or same kind of fakery, fash mag to the fat and famous Vanity Fair fell foul of their own quest for perfection when the annual Oscars cover shoot revealed a Photoshopping fail of epic proportions that left actor Reese Witherspoon with three legs (pictured) and Oprah Winfrey with three hands. Cue Twitter storm. Of all people Oprah should know the danger of peripatetic paws... 

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