Charlotte Nott is pictured using SpecialEffect

£5000 kit will help disabled with use of SpecialEffect software "to transform lives"

Anyone who saw the amazing presentation by SpecialEffect at the M&IT Industry Awards Dinner could not have been unmoved by the work this extraordinary organisation does to transform the lives of severely disabled people. Now events industry charity Meetings Industry Meeting Needs is to support SpecialEffect again with the purchase of a Specialist Assessment Kit for nearly £5000. These kits are highly technical collections of mechanisms to test the individual’s ability to operate hardware and th ...more


who are we?

Meetings Industry Meeting Needs (MIMN) is a registered charity founded by leading figures in the UK conference and events Industry. The objective of MIMN is to raise funds for worthy causes relevant to the events industry which may not have the resources to raise sufficient funds without additional contributions. Many needy causes do not have access to public funding and MIMN can provide financial support to these types of organisations through various fund-raising initiatives and activities.

From left to right are: David Joy, Patron of Keepers of the Green; Pierre Bechman, Captain of the R&A; Peter Rand MBE, Margaret Allan, an MS sufferer,

Powered wheelchair for MS sufferer
Meeting Needs provided £2600 to purchase a powered wheelchair for someone suffering with multiple sclerosis

Treating 100 TB patients in Uganda
A grant of £3700 to purchase eight power poles, connection and electricity to power machinery to provide employment for women in Uganda

Clean water for a Zambian village
£4,500 donated by MIMN is enough to support an entire village in Zambia to change their hygiene and sanitation practices and access safe water.

SpecialEffect are a UK based charity who focus on helping those with disabilities live a better life