Menstruation is a taboo in Uganda

Meeting Needs helps project to end the taboo for young women in Uganda

Menstruation is a difficult enough subject in the West – embarrassment and fear makes education and open discussion difficult. But imagine what it is like to be a young girl growing up in Uganda where menstruation is treated as a curse and the lack of materials means they cannot attend school during their periods because they have no sanitary products. And where adult women can be subjected to violence from their husbands when sex is denied by menstruation. Meetings Needs has partnered with the ...more


who are we?

Meetings Industry Meeting Needs (MIMN) is a registered charity founded by leading figures in the UK conference and events Industry. The objective of MIMN is to raise funds for worthy causes relevant to the events industry which may not have the resources to raise sufficient funds without additional contributions. Many needy causes do not have access to public funding and MIMN can provide financial support to these types of organisations through various fund-raising initiatives and activities.

Children of Chanzige Primary School celebrate the availability of clean, fresh water in their new storage tank

Computer training for schoolchildren
Six computers and a wall-mounted white board and projector for Chanzige Primary School in Southern Tanzania with a grant of £2,400.

Donation of £5000 will help disabled
For SpecialEffect the purchase of a Specialist Kit for nearly £5000 will test an individual’s ability to operate hardware to benefit from life-enhancing computer software.

Clean water for a Zambian village
£4,500 donated by MIMN is enough to support an entire village in Zambia to change their hygiene and sanitation practices and access safe water.

SpecialEffect are a UK based charity who focus on helping those with disabilities live a better life

Build It Intl. transform communities in Africa by training local people to build schools and clinics