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QHotels’ Event Profs Panel addresses industry’s big issues with HBAA

Panel discusses tackling industry perceptions, attracting new talent and nurturing event professionals

Pictured: QHotels' Event Profs Panel

QHotels’ Event Profs Panel joined forces with the HBAA in its latest roundtable event to discuss the industry’s big issues - and outline potential solutions. 

The issues addressed fell into three main categories: tackling industry perceptions, attracting new talent and nurturing and developing event professionals.

The event at QHotels’ Chesford Grange brought the HBAA’s executive director Juliet Price together with young event professionals on the QHotels panel to start addressing the concerns on their agenda.

The result was a series of potential solutions for event organisations, professionals and business leaders to consider, which QHotels hopes will now help shape the future of events by encouraging discussion, debate and involvement across the industry.

The solutions highlighted by the panel included:

- Lobbying for a professional body with ‘Chartered Institute’ status

- Highlighting role models with a spotlight on transferable skills

- Creating a careers hub for the events industry

- Banishing unpaid internships and improving placement schemes

- Improving the perception of apprenticeships

QHotels is now calling for organisations and individuals to join in the discussion and debate, as the group addresses each category throughout the year and explores the solutions outlined in more detail.

Events professionals can get involved or offer their suggestions by emailing or tweeting @QHotels. 

QHotels’ director of marketing Claire Rowland said: “The purpose of the Event Profs Panel was to give the new generation of event professionals a voice to help shape the future of events and having the HBAA join the discussion is hugely significant in driving change.

“We are now working closely with the HBAA to discuss how we can progress these suggestions and are encouraging other industry influencers to get involved.”

Juliet Price added: “It’s incredibly important that as an industry we’re listening to the younger generation of professionals and doing all we can to develop our future stars.  Whilst we’re already doing a lot to address these issues and looking at ways that the HBAA can support the panel’s suggestions, we hope the findings will help industry leaders, event professionals, agencies and corporates and groups to take action too.”

Event profs with less than five years’ experience in events and interested in having their say can join the QHotels panel by emailing their contact information to

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