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Room rates up in Berlin and Prague

Meanwhile Milan hotels almost back on par with successful 2015 performance during EXPO

Pictured: Milan hotels are almost back on par with the hugely successful year in 2015, due to EXPO Milano

Following a slump in 2016, hotels in Milan are almost back on par with the hugely successful 2015 performance when the city was flooded with visitors due to EXPO Milano.

The return to strong performance levels has primarily been due to the recovery in room occupancy, according to the latest HotStats report, as hotels in Milan have recorded a 5 percentage point year-on-year increase for Q1 2017 to 71 per cent. 

This is in contrast to 2016, when room occupancy levels fell well below the historic performance, as well as being in contrast to the rate performance in the city, which has been maintained well ahead of historic levels, at €188 (£158) in 2016, compared to £142 in 2014.

However, hotels in Milan have recorded a 0.6 per cent decline in average room rate for Q1 2017 to €171 (£144).   

Berlin hotels saw notable growth in both occupancy and average room rates in March.

Occupancy was up 1.4 per cent year-on-year to 76 per cent, while room rate was up 5 per cent to €148 (£124).

Hotels in Prague saw a 2 per cent increase in achieved average room rate in March, reaching €88 (£74), while occupancy hit 70.6 per cent.

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