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Business travellers against rail nationalisation, GTMC finds

Representative body releases new findings from AudienceNet urging government to work with existing rail operators

Just six per cent of young business travellers are in favour of nationalisation of the UK rail network, new research from the GTMC has found.

Business travellers aged 50-59 years old were twice as likely to support nationalisation compared to their counterparts aged 18-34, though the older generational figure was still a minority 15 per cent. 

Research conducted by AudienceNet, revealed that business travellers are keen for government to work with existing operators to resolve issues. Almost a third (27 per cent) of frequent business travellers see this as the fairest action to take. The number opting for nationalisation was level with those who believe in investment in the operator (10 per cent), both were behind the second most popular option, consultation with passengers (19 per cent).

Paul Wait, CEO GTMC, said: "It is evident that government action needs to be taken to improve the UK rail network and frequent business travellers have made it clear that nationalisation is not the popular nor the right option. This research clearly demonstrates that frequent business travellers want to see the Government working in partnership with train operating companies to resolve problems rather than taking ideological positions which will cause major instability to the rail network. In our own election manifesto we have also called on the next government to complete rail infrastructure improvements, such as HS2, in a timely fashion. The UK rail network is vital for facilitating business travel within the UK and overseas and without an effective service economic growth will be diminished."

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