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Inntel works with MP after Grenfell Tower disaster

Agency holds discussions with international development secretary on how to improve responses to civil emergencies

Pictured: Priti Patel

Inntel has discussed with international development secretary Priti Patel how to improve responses to civil emergencies in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The agency has been used by airlines and rail companies to secure emergency accommodation at short notice for passengers.
Following last month's Grenfell Tower fire in which at least 80 people died, Conservative MP Patel spoke with Inntel’s director of business development Jane Dibble about responses to civil emergencies.

Patel said: "The tragedy at Grenfell has focused all our minds on how we can improve contingency planning for civil emergencies. Families affected by Grenfell Tower and the problems with fire safety in flats in Camden have shown that when lives are turned upside down they need support to secure immediate accommodation.

“The travel industry have clear plans in place to deal with emergency situations and the discussions with Inntel on how improvements can be made to civil contingency planning were useful and productive."

Dibble added: “Our corporate travel and accommodation services are operated by systems which make volume hotel bookings very straightforward and we are very keen to support emergency situations wherever we can.”

  • Julian Bray of Media Associates (Market Metro) 05/07/2017

    Clearly not working as Mrs May says that by today all victims of the tragedy would be offered temporary accommodation. Only a handful of the offers so far have been taken up. Dibbles quotes seem to be from an arms length PR outfit. Big mistake

  • Hugo Ponsonby Smythe of PS Taker Ltd 05/07/2017

    A bit of a tasteless plug for your services Inntel. Perhaps the profit you make from such services could be donated to those affected.

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