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Red Letter Days rebrands incentives division

Red Letter Days For Business becomes Red Letter Days Motivates as part of new strategy to grow its rewards business

Pictured: Red Letter Days Motivates has launched a new logo and website as part of its rebrand

Red Letter Days For Business has rebranded to become Red Letter Days Motivates, reflecting the launch of the company’s new strategic direction and services.

The new name has been led by the company's new corporate director, James Kelly, who joined in January with the aim of guiding the company’s growth in the incentive and reward industry.

Alongside the new name and new services to motivate client’s employees, channel partners and customers, Red Letter Days Motivates has launched a new logo and new-look website. The new website will host regular expert guidance blog posts and free tools to help clients’ in their day to day work, such as downloadable checklists, research and whitepapers.

Kelly said: "Our new name reflects our new approach. It encompasses everything we stand for and underpins our years of experience in creating outstanding reward and recognition programmes, memorable events, engaging experiences, incentive solutions and customer loyalty programmes that drive engagement and deliver results.

"It seems like a small difference but it’s a significant change. That one simple word – motivates - embodies what we stand for going forward and will set us apart in the world of employee, customer and channel motivation.

"It has been an exciting start to the year and I am thrilled to be on board to guide the company and team to the next level. The company has always impressed me, now it’s about fine tuning who we are to continue to go from strength to the strength and stay at the forefront of the industry."

Kelly has put in place a team of reward and motivation consultants to build strategies and programmes specifically tailored to fit business goals, over and beyond the current, yet still popular, products and solutions it sells.

  • Anonymous user 02/08/2017

    Won't work. My staff don't want those stupid experience days.

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