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US is key to WRG’s future, says Lidstone

Russ Lidstone, chief executive of WRG, says the US is a key aspect of the agency’s future plans

Pictured: Russ Lidstone

Russ Lidstone, chief executive of WRG, says the US is a key aspect of the agency’s future plans.

He said: “The plan is to continue to build on integrating approach and continue to strengthen client relationships. The US remains an important aspect of the plan going forward.

“Huntsworth provides an established network and complementary skillsets which will enable us to do new and different things with clients. Huntsworth CEO Paul Taaffe and I are very like-minded – we have shared views about where communications are going, so it was a great opportunity.

“We’re very happy with Huntsworth, it is a positive result for the business. It’s a business with significant interest around the world, particularly in the US. If you get the right people and the right plan then hopefully the service you give the clients means that the money looks after itself. The Huntsworth acquisition was them buying our plan.”

Lidstone added that he believes the agency’s future is rosy – and that its international outlook will mean that Brexit holds few fears.

“I think clients are looking to focus on live experience to deepen levels of engagement in ways other forms of communications struggle with. There are many channels available, but there’s no doubt that a lot of clients are looking more to the live space to engage audiences.

“We’re based in the UK, but we’re an international agency - 60 per cent of our business is international. Our agility and adaptability stands us in good stead for what is ahead.”

Lidstone added: “We’ve treated money carefully. We’ve been prudent, but not to the point of not investing in creativity. We’ve focused on making sure we can adapt quickly.

“One of the things we’ve been aware of is raising the profile of WRG and making sure the business community is aware of us.

“The final piece is the focus on healthcare – that gives us a difference in the way we might be perceived by clients. It’s a highly stringent marketplace, so if you can be creative in that space it stands you in good stead.”

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