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Organisers slam venues’ lack of clarity, pricing and poor response rates

Cvent study from 1,200 event professionals reveal bones of contention when it comes to venue selection

Poor transparency and pricing inaccuracy, along with lack of clarity and poor response rates, have been revealed as planners' biggest points of contention when it comes to venue selection.

The findings, revealed by Cvent in the 2017 Global Planner Sourcing Report, also suggested that venues would improve their business chances by providing answers to all requests for proposals (RFPs) and that nearly one quarter of planners (24 per cent) said accurate quoting prices would be an advantage. One-fifth of respondents (19 per cent) said meeting response deadlines would also help venues win business.

"Event planners have made it clear there are certain frustrations, including accuracy in pricing and response time to RFPs, they have during the RFP process, that venues can work to address to generate more events and business," said Stacey Fontenot, VP of Marketing for Cvent.

The results came after more than 1,200 planners took part in the research, including 300 planners in the UK.

Location, venue cost, and availability of preferred dates were the top features that influence a planner’s decision to book a specific venue.  Event planners also said comparing different price structures, negotiating with the venue and researching venues caused the most challenges during the sourcing process

Standard hotel chain were the most popular venue for events (30 per cent), although nearly the same (29 per cent) opt for cultural venues such as museums, and 21 per cent prefer hotels with unique meeting spaces. About 16 per cent said they preferred independent or boutique hotels.  

The survey also revealed event planners still rely heavily on word of mouth, citing peer recommendations as the top influence for sourcing venues (28 per cent) followed by the venue’s corporate website (20 per cent) and Google search engines (19 per cent).

The full report is available to download here.

  • Anonymous user 15/08/2017

    A fair point in terms of accuracy, turn around times and clarity; always room for improvement.

    Likewise, I would like to see a report from the hotels / venues side on the general feeling toward the "blanket RFP process" and the % conversion rates accordingly. Especially from tech driven platforms / software companies like Cvent.
    Lets be honest - they've created a lot of busy fools out there, in a metaphorical sense of course.

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