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One in three eventprofs experience a mental health episode

EventWell study reveals higher mental health incidents in events industry, ahead of campaign launch

Pictured: the events industry's inaugural mental health and wellness campaign, EventWell, takes place 18-22 September

Events professionals are more likely than the average UK person to experience a mental health episode in their lifetime, research from industry campaign EventWell has found.

The study found one in three events industry workers are likely to be affected, compared to the national average of one in four. Moreover, 75 per cent of respondents blamed workloads and responsibilities as the cause to their stress, while 13 per cent said they were currently experiencing a mental health issue.

The findings come ahead of the inaugural mental health campaign for the events industry, which kicks off on Monday 18 September. One of the EventWell co-founders, Helen Moon of Eventprofs Who Lunch (EWL), said the results from their survey were disconcerting.

"It gives a pretty clear idea that there's a problem in the industry that we need to address, but we need to address it as an industry," she said.

More results and analysis of the study will be carried out during the launch of the week-long campaign at 4 Hamilton Place Mayfair from 8am on Monday 18 September.

Other activities planned for the week include an ILEA bootcamp and picnic chat on Tuesday 19 September, a wellbeing-themed EventHuddle at 8.15am on Wednesday 20 and an EWL workshop on recognising the signs of mental health issues later that day at 1pm.

Moon said the campaign had so far attracted widespread support.

"I'm really encouraged by the momentum that has picked up," she said. "I think everyone has backed the idea that a campaign can bring us together and give us a collective voice. Rather than change the world, we want to give an umbrella voice to bring everyone together so we're stronger as an industry and can impact change and motivate event professionals."

As well as taking part in one of the many events lined up for the week, industry professionals can show support online by using the hashtag #endthestigma. Employers can take the Stress Matters pledge to help reduce stress among their employees, and anyone can make a personal pledge to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Moon added: "It can be giving up alcohol for a week or cutting down on coffee which we know is really bad for stress and is relied on by many in our industry. It could also be signing up for a new exercise class, getting more sleep or simply taking out a colleague for a coffee and chat."

The EventWell website will also host a number of resources on mental health and wellbeing, which will be added to in the future.

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