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Airbnb is "eating hotel industry's lunch", says BDRC

Homestay market is “eating large portion of the hotel industry’s lunch,” according to BDRC’s Cris Tarrant

Pictured: Cris Tarrant, chief executive at BDRC Group

The homestay market is affecting the hotel market with Airbnb bookings rising by 81 per cent, according to Cris Tarrant, chief executive at BDRC Group.

Tarrant told the BDRC Hotel Insights Forum that one in 50 homes in the UK is now listed in Airbnb, which is “eating a large part of the hotel industry’s lunch”. In fact, Airbnb has become such a popular travel option that it is now more valuable than many long time hotel brands. And business travel is Airbnb's "next frontier" as it tries to provide reasonably priced accommodations with a personal touch.  

The website’s 168,000 UK listings accommodated almost six million visitors over the past 12 months, an 81 per cent increase on the previous year. Britain now has more than four times as many Airbnb listings as hotels after the holiday lettings website grew at a huge speed last year.

More than 250,000 companies use Airbnb for business. In 2015, only 250 companies travelled with Airbnb. Fortune 500 companies are now on board with Airbnb travel, after the homestay site saw individual, self-employed business travellers using Airbnb for travel since the site launched.

More than 2,500 towns, cities and villages across the country now have at least one Airbnb listing. London remains the most popular city by far with 64,000 listings, almost 40 per cent of the total. Apart from Britons, Americans were the most likely guests, with 767,000 staying in a British Airbnb last year. More than 250,000 French people stayed, putting them in second place.

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