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Dutch exhibition installs beds for attendees to powernap

The Powernapping Area at Aquatech Amsterdam meets what organisers say is a growing demand for rest during events

Pictured: the Auping Powernapping Area

A Dutch trade show has installed a powernap area at its latest edition – in a bid to help visitors and exhibitors make the most of the event.

Aquatech Amsterdam, which is taking place on 31 October to 3 November 2017 at RAI Amsterdam, has installed the dedicated ‘Auping Powernapping Area’ to meet what organisers say is a growing demand for a moment of rest during events.

The closed-off space at the exhibition for water technology professionals allows people to enjoy a rest and recharge their batteries for the rest of the exhibition day. Counting sheep is optional.

RAI Amsterdam chief operating officer Maurits van der Sluis said: “Physical meetings are the most intensive and valuable form of communication. Exhibition days are often hectic for standholders and visitors alike and a brief powernap will help them be more alert and better able to take in information. We are convinced that the Powernapping Area will contribute to a more effective exhibition visit.”

According to experts, the optimum powernap lasts 20 minutes; the perfect duration for a proper rest without falling into a deep sleep cycle.

Ine Stultjens, manager brand & communications at Auping, said: “Believing that a well-rested world is a better world, everything we do at Auping is focused on facilitating a good sleep. People who sleep well and are well-rested function better and achieve more. A proper powernap will help visitors to the RAI make the most of their event."

The Auping Powernapping Area at Aquatech Amsterdam is a pilot project and, if successful, will be implemented at other exhibitions in RAI Amsterdam.

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