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Big Purple Productions on the ball with new product

Events company has created the Big Mic Ball to remove the need to pass around a handheld microphone

Pictured: Big Purple director Eddie McKay with the Big Mic Ball

A North East events company is making audience participation events easier with its latest invention.

Production management and audio-visual company Big Purple Productions has created the Big Mic Ball to remove the need to pass around a handheld microphone.

The success of the invention, which the company initially created to combat its own challenges for microphone use in a large audience, has led to sales across the globe.

The Big Mic Ball is a soft ball made from foam which houses a radio microphone, which can be thrown into an audience without fear of damage.

It was dreamed up by Big Purple director, Eddie McKay, who wanted to find a solution to the clunky practice of having to hand a mic around.

“We were just sick of doing it and it could also interrupt the flow of an event if you had a big audience,” he said. “So I decided to create a solution which would work and had some novelty value as well.”

The mic ball, which is made of the same material as a stress ball, is now being imported to 13 countries around the world and the company is looking at other options such as a rugby ball shape.

“We are able to brand them up for clients if required as well and can produce them in a variety of colours,” said Ed.

“We’ve found a simple and highly effective solution to a problem, which works perfectly and gives an added wow factor to an event.”

  • Anonymous user 23/11/2017

    Sorry to point out the obvious, but isn't this just a re-invention of the highly successful Catch Box?

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