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HeadBox shows support for The Last Straw campaign

Online venue marketplace encourages venues to get rid of plastic straws

Pictured: More than two billion straws are handed out across London every year.

Online venue marketplace HeadBox is backing a campaign encouraging venues in London to ban plastic straws.

In order to encourage its network of 5,000 spaces in the UK to use a greener alternative to the plastic straw, HeadBox is offering increased exposure to venues who join the London Evening Standard’s The Last Straw campaign, as well as promoting those venues in proposals the team send to their corporate clients. 

HeadBox is also encouraging its database of corporate customers to sign The Last Straw’s petition, which is calling for more London businesses to end the use of plastic straws at venues throughout the city.

Andrew Needham, CEO and founder of HeadBox, said: “We are proud to be supporting The Last Straw campaign and will be urging our host venues and customers to do the same. The environmental issues surrounding the use of plastic is becoming a significant consideration in the events industry and we are certain that this year will see a more determined effort from all our customers to reduce plastic consumption.

“We know that many of the global brands we work with are passionate about this issue and will expect the Host venues they work with to join the cause by making small changes to the type of straws they use. We are determined to play our part here at HeadBox to help instigate long-term change.”

More than two billion straws are handed out across London every year.

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