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'Beast from the East' plays havoc with UK events

Several events have been cancelled or postponed as heavy snow and sub zero temperatures sweep the country

Pictured: Petko from Mailing Guy makes sure the AWS Builder's Day goes ahead despite adverse weather conditions

Several events and meetings have been cancelled or postponed in the UK after heavy snowfall and a polar weather pattern swept across the country, bringing subzero temperatures and blizzards. 

The Met Office has issued yellow and amber weather warnings for much of the country, with rare severe red warnings for parts of Scotland and the South West as further heavy snowfall and below freezing conditions are forecast over coming days. Public transport has been subject to severe delays and cancellations and the army have been drafted in to the streets of Lincolnshire to help people stranded in the snow.

International Confex in London has been business as usual, despite several centimetres of snow falling in the capital on Wednesday morning and trains being cancelled and delayed. Event professionals took to social media to celebrate reaching Olympia London despite Arctic conditions and travel chaos.

Further afield, in Edinburgh, where heavy snow has been falling for several days, the Assembly Rooms tweeted: "Please note the Healthcare Job Fair planned for Saturday 2rd March is postponed until 19 May 2018."

Elsewhere in Scotland, Disclosure Scotland tweeted: "Due to Adverse wether today we have had to cancel our planned digital events at Glasgow City Halls, we will plan to reschedule so keep an eye on Eventbride."

In Newcastle, Emily Robinson, senior event manager at MCM Creative Group posted a video of a severe blizzard hitting the city, saying: "On snow watch in Newcastle, and planning contingencies for our suppliers and 800 delegates to make it here over the next couple of days." 

ER events, which is working with the agency MCM Creative Group on the event for VisitBritain in Newcastle, said: "We have clients flying in from all over the world, with the first day of the show tomorrow, multiple contingency plans are in place."

In the capital, Event Prof @grundyoxford tweeted: "8 weeks planning a dinner for 102 people, hundreds of emails, many meetings, many table plans and with 24 hours to go, the snow may mean half my guests can't attend." 

Later, he added: "Bad news, more snow in central london currently, oh and some of the chefs can't get in. I have doughnuts. Doughnuts work at a formal event right?!"

Elsewhere, AR Entertainments had to cancel university and corporate events due to the snow, taking to Twitter to issue statements ahead of the cancellations.

AWS Builder's Day roadshow was hit by heavy snow on day three of the event in Manchester. The roadshow, held at Victoria Warehouse, which explores some of the hottest topics in cloud computing and AWS.

Founder and events director Jennifer Davidson, from Sleek Events said: "Our main problem was that the vinyl sign wouldn’t stick to the metal gate due to the extreme temperatures

"We improvised and fixed it with some old school gaffa tape and magnets and on went the show, not the prettiest from behind but luckily our attendees only see the front." 

Despite the adverse weather conditions AWS Builder's Day has had a full turnout this year and will continue on 6 March in Dublin.

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