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Industry called on to help tackle homelessness

Gallus Events’ William Thomson is calling on fellow event professionals to help tackle rough sleeping

Pictured: the Homeless Hackathon aims to develop practical solutions to end homelessness

Gallus Events’ William Thomson is calling on fellow event professionals to help tackle homelessness.

Thomson is organising a hackathon for homelessness organisations in his home city of Glasgow - with the aim to develop practical solutions to end homelessness.

And he is calling on event organisers to use their skills to make a difference to rough sleeping.

Thomson said he was stirred into action by a Scottish Sunday newspaper front page last year that reported that one person classified as homeless died each week in Glasgow, Scotland's largest city.

He said: “Glasgow is my home town and of course is a major city in one of the world's richest countries. How could this be happening?

“In recent months you have no doubt witnessed reports of homeless deaths across the UK, with one especially tragic incident of a man dying outside the gates of the Westminster Parliament. Of course this social issue is not confined to the UK, we see it in every country in the world.

“I had to do something. That something is a Homeless Hackathon which will take place in Glasgow in April.”

The Homeless Hackathon will take place across the weekend of 13-15 April, bringing together more than 150 people from across the IT and digital community, creative industries and local and national government, as well as the charity sector.

And according to Thomson, event organisers are in a great position to help tackle homelessness and rough sleeping.

“We, event organisers, are of huge benefit to the organisations we work for. We help them educate their staff, we help them inform stakeholders and we help their customers and client buy and sell. We have a great set of skills and we can put them to a much greater use.”

He provided the following suggestions of how event professionals can get involved:

• run a similar event in the city or town where you live or work (a Homeless Hack pack will be available in April)
• attend the Glasgow hackathon as a hacker.
• support the hackathon by spreading the word or donating to the development fund

He added: “I have such belief in the skills of event organisers. I believe we really can make a difference and I hope you can help.”

  • ali berry 26/03/2018

    OK - but some idea of what's involved would be useful!

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