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HBAA launches job swap scheme 'to increase understanding'

Association launches Immersion Lab initiative to increase understanding between agencies and venues

HBAA is launching a new job swap scheme designed to increase understanding between agencies and venues.

The Immersion Lab initiative will see a daily or weekly job swap for both agency and venue members and builds on the association’s collaboration strategy. It is intended to bring agencies and venues of all types closer together, allowing them to understand each other’s products and services, business needs and drivers and client requirements.
Louisa Watson, venue member chair and director of marketing at Wyboston Lakes said: “We hope the Immersion Lab will allow the two parties to work closer together and gain a greater understanding and respect for each other’s place within the sector. This will in turn assist in moments of debate, negotiation and challenges. Overall, the purpose is to build a much more holistic relationship between agents and venues, one that is supported by the whole organisation.”

The exchange can be set at any length between one day and one week. The job positions exchanged can be flexible according to agency and venue requirements.
Louisa Watson and Alison Makosz, HBAA executive committee member and group head of partner relationships at Habicus Group, have been working on bringing the Lab to life as a result of an idea from the association’s business leaders workshop at the end of last year.

Sian Sayward, supplier partner manager for meetings, accommodation and travel management agency Inntel, which has run similar schemes, said: “The Immersion Lab concept is something long overdue within our industry and we are pleased to be able to support this new HBAA initiative. Inntel have worked with hotel and venue partners previously with our own job swap scheme and found the results extremely beneficial, so the fact that this scheme will now be broadened and involve multiple agents and venues is very exciting.”

“In addition to the positive impact a scheme like this has on an organisation at a strategic level, the benefits that a scheme like this brings to individual employees are invaluable as they gain knowledge insights, lateral thinking and a wider perspective on ‘life outside the day job’.”

The scheme is now live. Members can register to participate and offer role swaps via the HBAA website, where their applications will be matched by the Immersion Lab team.

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