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Disney Business Solutions launches Meetcentives team building offer

Programme created in response to new budget and time allocation trends in business tourism

Pictured: Disneyland Paris

Disney Business Solutions has launched a new team building offer, Meetcentives.

The programme has been created in response to “major changes” in budget and time allocation in business tourism.

Nicolas Dupeux, Disney business solutions director, said: “Motivation and rewards are proving essential in a company’s economic growth. They are the key drivers for involvement and foster a positive attitude among collaborators. Here at Disneyland Paris, we aim at generating emotions and want to create unforgettable experiences to deeply strengthen a team’s relationship.”

Meetcentives consists of short team-building activities made to create strong memories and enhance cohesiveness.

From quizzes and haka sessions to improvisational performances and corporate anthem composition, all of the activities take less than one hour and can be conducted in the same room.

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