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Planner urges women to “forget social media, stand straight and be fierce”

Rosa Reyero urges women to deal with problems directly and not rush to social media

Pictured: Rosa Reyero, of Vienna-based Enited

An event planner has urged her female peers in the meetings industry to ‘stand straight and be fierce’ should they be subjected to unwanted advances or sexual harassment.

Rosa Reyero, of Vienna-based Enited, said women should be prepared to deal with problems themselves and only ‘go to the authorities’ for more serious or persistent offences.

And she feared the current #metoo protest could back-fire on women if many of the claims proved to be malicious.

She said: “My worry, as a woman born in the Sixties, is that we might encounter a new ‘handicap’ for receiving a job. We have been fighting all these years (….) it would be really stupid if companies would not consider hiring women for the panic of being accused of improper conduct.”

Reyero said one of the reasons women failed to report incidences of sexual harassment and abuse was that it was hard to prove, but that this was a double-edged sword.

“It is hard to prove it happened, but it can be equally hard to prove it did not. With a simple accusation you can ruin someone’s career, reputation and personal life for good.”

In a career spanning 30 years, Reyero said her current position (she works alongside her husband) was the only job in which she had not had ‘some kind of lecherous proposition’.

But: “I did not think it was something anyone else but me should deal with. I took care of the situation – and lived with the consequences – as for every decision we take in life.”

She said if women accepted ‘indecent proposals’ it would only ‘perpetuate uncivilised attitudes and behaviours’ and they would become ‘a silent, agreeing partner of that crime’.

Reyero stressed that she did not think women should put up with bad behaviour for the sake of a job and urged women to report cases when men in a position of power were abusing their status.

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