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A quarter of planners suffer event anxiety

QHotels launches wellbeing initiative as research reveals planners lose sleep and suffer stress over work

Pictured: more than 70 per cent of event organisers lose sleep the night before an event

More than 70 per cent of event organisers lose sleep the night before an event, according to a new survey.

Two thirds lose up to two hours and one in ten losing more than three hours, according to the research carried out by conference and events hotel group QHotels to understand the wellbeing of organisers during events. 

As well as losing sleep before an event, more than half (53 per cent) said they never have time to exercise while organising events and admit to ‘powering through’ events all the time, despite feeling tired or stressed.

When it comes to food, only 6 per cent of organisers make a conscious effort to always eat healthily during an event, with a quarter stating that they eat whatever’s available, healthy or not.

Joanne Barratt, QHotels’ group operations manager, said: “Being an event organiser is an exciting and hugely rewarding job but from experience we also know that it’s up there as one of the most demanding and stressful careers. Our research highlights the difficulties organisers face when it comes to their own wellbeing, with lack of time, demanding clients and delegates being the most difficult aspects of the job.”

The survey of event agency, in-house and freelance professionals across the UK also found that a quarter of event organisers said they feel anxious before an event, 18 per cent said they feel stressed in the run up and more than a third (36 per cent) said they felt relieved once an event was over.

The stress and lack of time is taking its toll, as 98 per cent of event professionals admit they need time after an event for their body to recover, with almost half (48 per cent) saying it takes at least two days to recuperate. 

Only 8 per cent of hosts factor time in for themselves during an event, with 40 per cent of organisers saying they try to look after themselves but just don’t have time.

The findings have inspired QHotels’ new fitness incentive scheme, offering event bookers the opportunity to claim a free Fitbit, to monitor movement, sleep, food intake and exercise, as well as a top tips guide to help organisers look after themselves more during conferences and events at QHotels’ 26 venues across the UK.

Barratt said: “Whether the goal is to be more active or to get a better night’s sleep, organisers working with QHotels will now be able to use their Fitbit and our guides to help improve their wellbeing during busy events and monitor and measure their progress every step of the way."

QHotels’ Wellbeing Guide is now available for event organisers to download from the QHotels website, while a QHotels incentive is available on events booked before 31 March and taking place during 2016.

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