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Adaptable bandwidth helps conference reach 11,000

Médecins Sans Frontières adapts live streaming services for conference at 1 Wimpole Street to reach areas of poor internet connectivity

Pictured: Médecins Sans Frontières 2-day conference was livestreamed to about 11,000 people in 125 countries

Medical humanitarian charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) used adaptable live streaming services to increase the audience of its conference 36-fold, including those in areas of poor internet connectivity.

The two-day annual scientific conference, which took place at 1 Wimpole Street, reached 11,000 people in 125 countries, on top of its live audience of 300. Conference organisers made sure those in areas with poor connectivity could be involved, using adaptable bandwidths and including an audio only option, and recorded the content to use later on.

Feedback was positive, with one virtual attendee tweeting: "This is how conferences should be. Being delivered via borderless mediums to ensure access to ALL. Thank you #MSF".

MSF conference organiser Miranda MacDonald said: "MSF is an international humanitarian organisation with projects across the globe. We livestream the MSF Scientific Days event to so people based in the countries where our research applies can join the debate and discussion, and this meant having flexible options to ensure everyone could participate."

Six cameras filmed the discussions for online while two translators helped translate the content into French for international viewers. Staff at 1 Wimpole Street helped display and monitor social media feeds.

MacDonald said: "Our evaluation forms, as well as feedback we have received, show that the event was a great success. We now just need to plan how to build on the success of 2016 for 2017."

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