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Associations' member engagement analysed by MCI Group

The GEI measures the performance, relationship strength and outcome of engagement tactics for associations

MCI Group has issued the findings from its inaugural Global Engagement Index (GEI). 

Launched in February in collaboration with market research firm FairControl, the GEI measures the performance, relationship strength and outcome of engagement tactics as seen through the eyes of associations’ customers and members. 

The 2016 edition specifically targeted the global community of associations headquartered in the USA, speaking to more than 130,000 non-US members and customers from around the world in six different languages.

“The main reason for launching the Global Engagement Index was how little is understood about improving “engagement”, how little data exists on what is healthy engagement and what is not, and what precisely is needed to close the enthusiasm gap between customers/members and associations. MCI is grateful to the 15 associations who shared our desire to uncover new ways to strengthen engagement and join us on this inaugural Index”, said Nikki Walker, VP global association management and consulting.

Key findings from the GEI include:

• Members and customers rate highly their association’s performance in creating a wide array of products; however, they rate these same products as offering only marginal value to them personally - with the exception of certifications.

• Designing and delivering marketing and sales programs matching local member and customer preferences is key - average rated associations pump out products and services globally without a focus on how they impact members and customers, which affects their ability to improve engagement and hinders leads to renewal, purchases or other forms of engagement

• Respondents overwhelmingly indicated that word of mouth or referrals from people they know and respect was the leading channel that first introduced them to the association that deliver value and support their local needs 

The GEI results were first unveiled at the Global Engagement Summit organised by MCI and FairControl in Washington DC last June, to an exclusive group of 75 executives, including 25 executives from the 15 participating associations in the GEI. 

In 2017, MCI will launch an American domestic version (American Engagement Index) and in 2018, return with an update of the GEI to examine how associations are better activating member and customer relationships.

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