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Brexit highlights importance of team building, says Bluehat

Team building company says group activities help teams unite and learn reactive skills to changing environments

Pictured: Bluehat says its team building activity Eden will help businesses following the Brexit vote

Team building is more vital than ever to UK businesses following the Brexit vote,says Bluehat, as it uses the referendum to market its Event of the Month.

The team building and events company says companies must work harder to unite their teams towards a new common vision, as well as teach skills to deal with changing circumstances.

Bluehat's event of the month, Eden, has been marketed to focus the team's mind-set on using their resources and "being reactive to changing environments", in what the company says is a "current climate of economic and political uncertainty".

Bluehat CEO Tim Shepley said: "The referendum result creates uncertainty in many areas of business and on the whole people do not like uncertainty. Everyone can be certain of one thing though: that the result signifies change.

"Successful organisations will work even harder to unite their teams towards a newly-defined common vision. The key is to come together, agree a new path forwards and embark in an energetic way towards a new vision for the future. This needs to happen throughout an organisation up and down the decision making hierarchy so that everyone feels part of a their new shared vision. When situations present themselves to team, they must know how to unite. This highlights the importance of team building and approaching every situation with the best possible resources and eventually outcome.

"Eden highlights the importance of working together, especially in such uncertain times and learning how to react as a team to new situations, good or bad."

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