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DMC driver escapes injury in Brussels explosions

AIM Group's Bernard Dacier says staff have been in touch with driver and are monitoring the situation

Pictured: Belgium police patrol transport hubs in Brussels

A driver who was at Brussels airport for a pick-up on behalf of AIM Group's Brussels office during this morning's terror attacks has escaped unharmed.

The driver had been waiting in the arrivals hall for another AIM Group staff member who was arriving from Rome when the explosions happened. The plane he was meeting, carrying the Italian AIM staff member, was re-routed back to Rome.

Bernard Dacier, project manager for congress at AIM Group Brussels office, said his colleagues had been in touch with the driver.

"We're following everything on the internet, on Facebook. Everything is on lock-down and stand-by at the moment and we're just trying to get as much information as possible," he said.

"Luckily, the driver was not waiting at the check-in; they were at the departure area so that's why they were not injured.

"After the bombing in Paris we were ready. But if you see something like this that can happen at the same time in the airport, at the stations and in the metro, we are a bit lost.

"We knew something like this could happen and maybe that's why people are not completely going crazy. It's still a real mess and it's a shock. You realise it's realise it's not somewhere else. It's in your city and it could happen to you and your family."

The company's Brussels office is located five minutes from the airport, but Dacier said there was not much to see from the building, apart from ambulance cars driving past.

Dacier said there were no UK groups due to arrive in the near future that he knew of, but there was a group from Italy who had arrived yesterday and were due to meet at a hotel today. He added: "My colleague has contacted the hotel because she doesn't know if it will be cancelled or not. We are all waiting on more information to come through."

Meanwhile, Evelien Schepers, project manager at Event Masters DMC, said staff were waiting for more information from the government. The company didn't have any groups this week.

"Brussels is in lockdown at moment; fortunately our  team is OK. At this moment we didn't have any productions in Brussels so there's no need for us to evacuate groups or cancel groups this week,” she said. 

“We know all our loved ones are safe and we know our clients are safe at the moment so that's a good thing. Of course we are closely monitoring the situation and are trying to get as much reliable information in as possible.”

Event Masters also sent out an email to all clients saying the safety of its guests was priority, and the “entire Belgian travel industry is following up the situation on a permanent basis”.

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