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Debate to probe 'big issue' of event food waste

More than three quarters of EventHuddle survey respondents have never created a food redistribution plan

Pictured: Patch Media's Jackson Clark

Industry discussion forum EventHuddle has found that 95 per cent of event professionals see food waste produced by the events industry as a big issue.

The same survey found that 83 per cent of respondents had never created a food salvage/redistribution plan for an event. EventHuddle conducted the research among attendees for its forthcoming debate on food wastage. 

EventHuddle CEO Kirk Thomas said: “It is very clear from these heavily weighted results that eventprofs recognise the issue of food waste is big, but for some reason are not creating plans to deal with the excess food left over after their events.  

“Clearly most people care! So maybe there is some disconnect on who is actually accountable for it. Is there an expectation that the venue or catering team are taking care of it on our behalves, so we needn't worry?” 

Patch Media’s Jackson Clark said “There is a perception that dealing with food waste is hampered by bureaucratic red tape, is this the case? It would be great to see our associations and leadership institutes shining a light on this important matter.”

The EventHuddle debate ‘Event food wastage, who is accountable? And how do we reduce it?’ takes place at 1 Wimpole Street in London on Thursday 17 March. 

Panelists include: 

Mark Dodds - marketing manager, Roythorne Solicitors 
Samantha Wilson - director, EcoEvents 
Jordon Lazell - research assistant, Centre for Business in Society

You can register for the event at 

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