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EMA launches member app

Association says platform will allow members to connect 24-7

Pictured: the app will be launched on April 26 at Huckletree Shoreditch

The Event Marketing Association (EMA) is launching its own app to allow its members to connect at any time.

The body, representing in-house corporate event planners, said the platform would allow members to connect to seek or offer advice, or to discuss industry topics.

The app, which has been created in collaboration with Cvent, will be launched on April 26 at Huckletree Shoreditch.

EMA chair Richard Waddington said: "We aim to create a trusted online network of eventprofs peers working in-house, who are members of EMA and can make good use of sharing best practices with their colleagues online. We know how busy it gets and how difficult it is to be attending events sometimes and this app can make it easier to connect and learn in the comfort of your home or anywhere you busy bees are."

For more information on the launch or to register, visit the website here.

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