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EVCOM appoints two new board members

Sam Wilson and Steve Garratt appointed, representing live events and film and digital sections of organisation

EVCOM chair Steve Garvey will continue as CEO until the next AGM in June

Two new directors have been appointed to the EVCOM board, after careful consideration to keep an even split of its membership.

Sam Wilson, from ECO Events, and Steve Garratt, of communication and film company Giggle Group, join the board after several years with the organisation, representing live events and film and digital sectors, respectively.

The organisation has also announced interim Chief Executive Steve Garvey, also chairman, will carry on in the role following Marco Forgione's departure in July, until the next AGM in June.

Garvey said of the new board appointments: "It's in our constitution that we have an even balance. This comes out of the merger of Eventia and the International Visual Communications Association (IVCA) which formed EVCOM about three years ago and we wanted to make sure it wasn't either organisation taking over the other. We want to make sure there's an even representation of people who were formerly thought of as IVCA or formerly thought of as Eventia.

"If you look at the board you've got a very even split between people who specialise in live events and people who specialise in film and digital. We wanted to keep it balanced. When we look at people to fill gaps we make sure we continue with that approach."

EVCOM board member Brian Kirsch will leave the board as he heads into retirement.

Andrew Smith has also been confirmed as vice chair, and will succeed Garvey as chairman in June. Smith was on the board of IVCA and now EVCOM for a total of seven years.

Smith said: “Bringing film and live events together are two parts of the Holy Trinity of the communications and marketing mix. I plan to connect with more clients and digital companies to bring them into the fold as it is here that the whole communication offering can be discussed and also where business between member companies can truly grow. EVCOM should not just be about representing members and helping them win awards, but also about introducing opportunities to active member companies.”

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