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Email remains king for event planners

Online event management company Symphony releases corporate event marketing trends among UK planners

Pictured: Max Scotford, Symphony product marketing executive

The humble email is still the popular choice for event marketing, with more than three-quarters of event planners saying it is the most successful way to promote an event.

Online event management company Symphony found out the latest marketing trends among UK event professionals in its report Corporate Event Marketing in The UK 2016, finding 77 per cent achieved success with emails.

A further 55 per cent of respondents found success through social media, while 27 per cent said direct mail worked and 14 per cent use cold call tactics.

Symphony's product marketing executive Max Scotford said: "With the evolution of technology, it's now easier for marketers to create more immersive and engaging events, and with that comes its own issues.

"Sending out emails is the clear winner, with 77.3 per cent of marketers having success with them. Social media (54.5 per cent) came in second, followed by direct mail (27.3 per cent).

"Paid search seems to be the least effective at 0 per cent. This could be related to upfront costs that are needed for a successful campaign, resulting in event marketers deterring from experimenting with them."

Respondents named measuring Return on Investment (ROI) as the biggest challenge (57 per cent), followed by budget (48 per cent) and event strategy (34 per cent).

Asked how they measured ROI, event professionals mainly relied on sales figures (60 per cent) and leads (50 per cent), but also looked at website visits (41 per cent), social sharing (21 per cent) and Search Engine Optimisation traffic (18 per cent).

Scotford added: "There is still a lot of room for improvement and measurement is still a huge obstacle.

"This comes into play as more and more event opportunities become available and marketers are having to spend far too long trying to prove the ROI of their efforts.

"As event marketing becomes more widely adopted, measuring ROI will remain top of mind. But forward-thinking marketers will now be more concerned with what we actually mean by ROI, in order to effectively measure it."

The report is available to download here.

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