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Emotion measurement set to be 'next big thing'

Eventopedia roundtable reveals Return on Investment measurements will focus on delegate emotions

Pictured: Members of Eventopedia Committee at the recent roundtable discussion

Emotion recognition and using it to measure event success could be the next 'big thing' for the events industry, Eventopedia Committee members say.

The group - including Victoria Morrison (Gorkana), Nicole Hatch (The Telegraph), Julia Brunton (brand ambassador, The Big Up Company) Eventopedia co-founders Alan Newton and Toby Heelis - say measuring return on investment (ROI) through emotions could lead to a new wave of technology developments.

The predictions came during the Eventopedia Committee meeting, which took place in the form of a roundtable discussion.

Newton said: "It was a lively, interesting and passionate debate and there were some thoughts worth sharing. The emotive elements were surprising - people are now trying to measure the emotion for the event and correlate that through objectives and investment.

"That's interesting in terms of how event technology may develop in the future and what new things may come to market. There might be a link to wearables and we may see some development down that line."

Nicky Moore, from Blackcurrent Events, said the method of measuring success of events depended on the client.

"If it’s private clients, success is about delivering a great experience. For charities, it is about the ratio of fundraising and networking/making connections," she said.

"Some charities set targets for fundraising. However, one not for profit I work with are very cash rich and they’re not as interested in the fund raising because their key focus is about raising awareness.

"I often looks at the cost of what is delivered and what value and savings have been added. Revamping events, bringing in new memberships. Looking at gain and value from the cost."

Ruth Weldon, from The Bulb, said many event measures were based on social media impressions, such as 'likes', shares or 'reach'.

The next Eventopedia committee get-together will take place on 20 April at Brooklyn Bowl.

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