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Event professionals "disappointed" in Trump election result

UK events industry puts on face of sombre acceptance while many share personal views of disenchantment

Pictured: Donald Trump has been voted as the next US president

The UK events industry has reacted with sombre acceptance and disappointment over the election of "sexist" Donald Trump as incoming US president.

Leading event professionals say they feel disenchanted on a personal level, as members of an industry that is over-represented  by women and LGBT people, but have also urged for calm as the results play out.

On social media it was a more light-hearted response, with event professionals poking fun at America's 45th president while expressing their concern.

Concerto Group chief executive Sam Gill said he was personally "disappointed that someone who is a blatant sexist can be elected leader of the free world".

He added: "The reality of a Trump administration will be more reasoned than his electioneering rhetoric, but the real challenge will be in Europe, where this will further fuel the right wing parties in their anti-EU, nationalist sentiment. 

"We need to await the global impact to assess any effect on the UK events market, but I sense that the recent increase in the 2017 growth forecast will remain secure in the medium term."

It is widely accepted that women represent about 70 per cent of the UK events industry.

Bill Prosser, director of London DMC, said his American peers had expressed concern over the incoming president.

"A lot of people in our industry, and especially in the states, are either female or part of the LGBT community, and they feel particularly threatened by Trump and what he stands for," he said.

"The reaction I've seen from them is they're feeling vulnerable and thinking more personally than commercially. But we are all in shock."

Dale Parmenter, CEO and founder of drp, urged for calm.

"I would be surprised if people are shocked by the result," he said. "The danger is now how the markets react and the potential effect on the UK economy; the positive effect on inbound business could be short lived if the dollar drops. What we don’t need now is more uncertainty and over reaction."

Kevin Jackson, past president of International Live Events Association, said the US election result and Brexit would force a "reset and a re-evaluation". He added: "Everyone is worried about change, which is natural, truth is, with a couple of obvious exceptions it's never as bad as people imagine."

On Twitter, Dormand & Wynter wrote "2016 needs a reset button #trumpwins", while event organiser @hattygrant said: "I always thought it'd be fun to move my career to the US… not any more #eventprofs".

Ram Org Tweeted: "What a dreadful morning - miserable weather and Donald Trump to be next President!"

Festive Road founder Paul Tilstone said: "And I thought waking up in June to hear #Brexit was shocking. Now we've all been Trumped. #TrumpTrain."

  • nicky havelaar of crown 10/11/2016

    Interesting that 70% of our industry (UK) are women but only men commented in this article!

  • Anonymous user 10/11/2016

    Hilarious that the headline is regarding sexism and noted that 70% of the events industry are men but yet you've only included male event professional quotes in the article.....?!!!!

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