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Eventopedia masterclass addresses events and PR overlap

Eventopedia and Gorkana teamed up to host a masterclass on crisis media management at the Langham London Hotel

Pictured: Nadine Dereza

Eventopedia and Gorkana teamed up to host a masterclass on crisis media management. 

The event, in recognition of the increasing overlap between PR and live events, was attended by PR professionals and hosted by the Langham London Hotel.

Eventopedia CEO Toby Heelis said: “Events are increasing their importance within corporate communication strategies as a high-value mode of achieving the key objectives. We’ve seen an increase in PR companies utilising our platform and – in keeping with our educational events – decided to team up with media intelligence expert, Gorkana, to deliver a highly engaging live event of relevance to the PR community.”

The event was oversubscribed, attracting interest from more than 600 PRs. Attendees learned about the free Eventopedia search and review engine, which allows event planners to quickly find a host of event suppliers.

Presenter, journalist and media skills training coach Nadine Dereza said: “Business continuity plans often overlook the importance of up-to-date crisis media training so it was great to meet and talk with some of the UK’s leading media, PR and communications professionals to share ideas about best practice as well as discuss the impact that communications can have when a crisis hits.”

Gorkana head of events Victoria Morrison said: “We want to create events that add value to our PR community. Our clients recognise that it is essential to have a fast and effective response when a crisis hits, this event provided some actionable insights on how to manage these situations and ultimately protect their reputation.’’

Regional director of PR at The Langham, London, Aysem Monaco Imison, said: “This was our first hosted Eventopedia and Gorkana event at the hotel and we were delighted to provide a forum for PR leaders from diverse industries to network and showcase our Grand Ballroom. It was a pleasure to organise together with Eventopedia and as clients of Gorkana, we highly value these educational events and industry insights”.

  • Steve Elliott of Blackberry Productions 16/02/2016

    Masterclass addresses events and PR overlap? As far as I can see this was a training event for PRs on crisis media management staged by a key provider of PR media intelligence and hosted by a venue to showcase their Grand Ballroom and very little to do with events and PR overlap. Or am I just being cynical?

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