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Former Sledge MD Capell-Abra launches consultancy

Laura Capell-Abra has launched No More Ifs Or Buts, a sustainable growth consultancy and career coaching company

Pictured: Laura Capell-Abra

Former Sledge MD Laura Capell-Abra has launched a sustainable growth consultancy and career coaching company, No More Ifs Or Buts. 

The firm, which sprung from a blog of the same name that Capell-Abra started last year, will target small and medium businesses in the event industry that are achieving success in sales but are looking for a more sustainable growth plan.

Capell-Abra says “I am really excited about No More Ifs Or Buts, it has been a long time coming and great to finally get started. Being able to help small businesses and individuals achieve their goals is really rewarding.”

“My experience has built up with SMEs and how to make them more efficient. One of the things I found interesting at Sledge was people’s development and how it’s important for people to have a goal in mind and work towards that.

“I’ve been doing a diploma in life coaching and I’d like to be able to bring the approaches I’ve learned to the business and corporate world. It’s about trying to get people to understand what it is they want to achieve and not just about growing sales and getting bigger.

“I hope to extend it out to all businesses going forward, but at the moment it’s focused on the events industry.”

No More Ifs Or Buts has already secured clients in the creative and manufacturing industries.

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