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FreshBiz is the Future Focus at Ashfield

Ashfield has collaborated with Bluehat Develops to create FreshBiz, a tailored leadership development game

Pictured: FreshBiz was trialled with the Ashfield Future Focus development group

Future Focus, Ashfield Meetings & Events’ employee development group, has collaborated with Bluehat Develops to create FreshBiz, a tailored leadership development game. 

FreshBiz is a business simulation game aimed at encouraging emerging leaders to be creatively confident, generate ideas and collaborate successfully. 

The game has been designed to dovetail with the profile of the 18 UK-based Ashfield Meetings & Events employees enrolled on the Future Focus programme.

Sarah Longland, training and development manager at Ashfield Meetings & Events, said: “We work in partnership with Bluehat to create and deliver highly tailored team building solutions for our clients and on this occasion our own employees. 

“To be successful in Freshbiz the group had to act as conscious leaders: taking actions, generating new ideas, engaging with and influencing others, whilst being perceptive enough to spot and create opportunities. This replicates present market conditions and the game accurately reflected current and future challenges that both our business and our clients are facing. 

“The game was an ideal fit to prepare our future leaders for the speed of change in business and we were very impressed with how the game was tailored to our needs and objectives.”

Sean Clarke, learning and development director at Bluehat Develops, said: “FreshBiz is a transformational game which through its very mechanics presents an accurate and contemporary business reality. 

“The Ashfield group were a wonderful example of how working together and leveraging opportunities can help businesses stay ahead of the wave of change. The group already had a creative mindset and we were able to harness this to help turn ideas into reality – something that will help them stay true to themselves as they progress in their careers and become leaders.”

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