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Funding and apathy are the barriers to new professional body

The Institute of Event Management will detail the challenges it faces in forming new body at Confex

Pictured: Susan Spibey, the Institute of Event Management executive board chair

The fledgling Institute of Event Management (IEM) is still seeking funding to get the accreditation scheme off the ground.

Founded with the intention of developing and supporting more than 100,000 professional events managers across the UK, the IEM plans to make progress this year, and will detail the challenges it faces at International Confex at Olympia next month; ranging from funding to apathy.

Executive board chair Susan Spibey said: “The IEM is now in place to deliver the recognition that event professionals seek, but the challenge is funding development of the qualification framework and accreditation process, developing the career pathways and preparing the body of knowledge.

“Event industry employers and organisations, including those from government, who think there is no value in having a professional body, will benefit from this session which gives an opportunity to hear from professionals in other sectors about the benefits of recognition and the support provided to them in their own respective fields.

“IEM Board members are fully committed to ensuring that the Institute gets off the ground this year, all set to tackle the myriad challenges involved in developing universally-recognised professional standards.”

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