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GBTA explores generational preferences in business travel

New research finds Millennials prefer variety, while Baby Boomers rate Wi-Fi, family connections most important

Pictured: The report, Traveller Satisfaction: Exploring the Generational Divide in Business Travel, found large discrepancies between generations when it comes to booking business travel

Millennial business travellers want a variety of suppliers to choose from when booking business travel, while Gen X clients value the ability to make last-minute changes, new research from Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) has found.

The research, the result of a survey of more than 2,000 business travellers, found generational discrepancies when it came to booking business travel. While choice of suppliers and flexible contracts were highlighted by Millennials and Gen X respondents, Baby Boomers signalled Wi-Fi and maintaining good relationships with friends and family as most important to them.

The findings have been discussed in the research paper, written in collaboration with American Express Global Business Travel, called Traveller Satisfaction: Exploring the Generational Divide in Business Travel, which recommends that companies focus on individual needs instead of one policy for employees.

The authors said: "It is a true challenge for companies to build and sustain a satisfied employee base because of diverse generational needs. Acknowledging that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution is a step in the right direction for companies looking to improve employee satisfaction, particularly for employees who travel often to represent or promote their companies.

"The findings showed significant generational differences amongst frequent business travellers, demonstrating that each generational group has unique needs. Companies should focus on supporting the key drivers of employee satisfaction and consider each driver through a generational lens."

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