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Imagination revs up Jaguar Land Rover exhibition

Creative agency creates 'auto show meets Science Museum' exhibit for automotive company at Paris Motor Show

Pictured: Imagination helped Jaguar Land Rover with its presence at the Paris Motor Show

Creative agency Imagination helped Jaguar Land Rover draw in the crowds at the Paris Motor Show with an exhibition where visitors could test their driving skills against the vehicle driver assistance systems.  

Designed to appeal to all visitors, from kids to aficionados, the Jaguar Land Rover Innovation Lab was designed to harness gamification to reveal the technologies on display.

“It’s auto show meets Science Museum,” said Christophe Castagnera, head of connected experience at Imagination. “We have worked with Jaguar Land Rover at the Paris Show for many years and each year need to up the ante on what’s presented to the public. This year, we’ve created an entertaining exhibition of the finest Jaguar Land Rover technology that will appeal to the widest audience. At the same time, the app delivers a personalised experience for the devoted followers of two iconic brands.”

To demonstrate the capabilities of Jaguar Land Rover’s innovation, Imagination created multiple interactive exhibits including a game where individuals challenged themselves against the driver assistance systems of Jaguar and Land Rover cars. Visitors to the stand at the Paris Motor Show, which took place earlier this month, could see their results versus the computer after completing driving, parking and manoeuvring tests.

To showcase the latest Ingenium Engine technologies, the team created an interactive display using transparent screens and animations which combined together to form the engine.  

Imagination has created apps for Jaguar and for Land Rover that are being used for the first time this year. The app, which was emailed to 10,000 people in advance, provided a preview of the Jaguar Land Rover activity at the Paris Motor Show and allowed users to book a personalised VIP tour of their favourite car and the technology. The app technology, called Microlocations and also used by Uber and John Lewis, is designed to improve the personal attention received by Jaguar Land Rover’s VIP customers while at the motor show.

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