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Jack Morton helps Scania launch first product in 20 years

Agency delivers sustainable-themed product launch for trucking company at Grand Palais

Pictured: Jack Morton delivered Scania's launch of its new R500 and S750 vehicles at Grand Palais on 23 August

Jack Morton was trusted to deliver Scania's first major product launch in two decades, creating a sustainable-themed experience for more than 1,250 people.

The agency helped the trucking company unveil its new-line R500 and S750 vehicles before a Sustainable Transport forum took place, led by former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan.

The event, at Grand Palais in Paris on Tuesday 23 August, was designed to highlight the trucking company's improvements in fuel efficiency and safety, by discussing the wider topic of sustainability for the transport industry.

Jack Morton brought this to life in a number of immersive experiences, including environmental soundscapes, a stage reveal that played with the audience's viewpoint and an exhibition of the vehicles.

The launch was attended by industry professionals, policy makers and journalists, after which industry VIPs took part in the Sustainable Transport Forum.

Mike Kunheim, managing director, Jack Morton Worldwide, London said: "Scania is at the forefront of driving a shift towards a more sustainable transport system. So it was our challenge and privilege to create an experience that proves Scania’s leadership, immersing guests in a new perspective on the industry and inspiring people with the opportunity these ground-breaking vehicles present, for all our futures."

Henrik Henriksson, president and CEO of Scania, said: "The development and launch of our new truck generation is undoubtedly the biggest investment of Scania's 125 year history. It is with hearts bursting with pride that my colleagues and I presented the new Scania at this fantastic launch that is part of our exciting vision for the future; positioning Scania towards one of the most transformative periods in our history."

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