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Juice Live acquisition leads to launch of new agency

Alan Ellis, Tom Griffin, Clare Starck and Jenny Lim focus on behavioural science in events in new company

Pictured: Alan Ellis, one of four founders of new agency, The 4th Wave

A new event management company, The 4th Wave, has been launched on the back of an acquisition of Juice Live Communications.

Alan Ellis, Tom Griffin, Clare Starck and Jenny Lim have started the live communications company with a focus on delivering events backed by behavioural science and return on investment (ROI).

The group completed a management buyout of Juice Live Communications for an undisclosed sum with 'external equity funding' and have used that company to piggy-back their new proposition, saying the concept will be start of a new wave of thought in the industry.

Ellis started Rocket Science in 1981 before selling it in 2010, while business partner Griffin is another former agency owner, who sold Sledge in 2007.

Ellis, formerly creative director at Juice Live, and now MD of The 4th Wave, said: "Over the last 10 years (the industry) has been working around more content and messaging. That's still important, but we are taking it a step back and understanding what behaviour it is do clients want to drive.

"We live in a more compliant world now; think about the financial services and retailing. The amount of compliance needed is massive, and I think that's a real area for us to get stuck into. It's not just about telling people to be more compliant, they have to live it, breathe it; it has to be in their DNA. And that can't just be done in traditional communications. It has to be put into the subconscious mind."

The methods in using behavioural science for events will be created depending on the client's goals. Ellis has been in talks with a newspaper company whose goal is to migrate consumers from their print to digital products.

He added: " We're saying to clients, it’s not about spending more money but thinking about it in a different way to get people doing things differently."

The name of the company, The 4th Wave, was chosen to signify this shift in approach to events. Ellis said the 1st wave was experiential, followed by digital and most recently, social media. He added: "We believed applied behavioural science is the fourth wave and we believe we are absolutely on that crest."

The company, which retained ‘some’ of the staff at London-based Juice Live, is targeting the financial services and retail sectors to build a client base.

Ellis added: "We're quite long in the tooth and feel really invigorated by it.

"In the development of the proposition, we talked to lot of people, trialled it, and there's a lot of interest. I suppose the proof of the pudding will be getting people to buy it."

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