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KDM Events unveils on-screen team bonding

New team building programmes, Up Your Street and Lip Sync Challenge, promise to bring out the most reserved

Pictured: KDM Events has launched a Lip Sync Challenge which sees participants mime along to classic pop songs

KDM Events is helping delegates tap into their inner celebrity, launching two new products that sees participants star in their own on-screen productions.

The agency has launched Up Your Street, where participants script and film their own episode of TV soap opera episode, and Lip Sync Challenge, which places delegates front and centre of classic pop videos.

KDM Commercial Director Nicky Whyman said: “Many of us harbour unfulfilled dreams of appearing on screen and it’s amazing how some of the most reserved individuals come out of their shell in front of a film camera or beneath a blonde bombshell wig.

"We’re seeing a lot of client interest in these performance-related team building activities as a means of injecting an element of fun, breaking down barriers and generating spontaneous camaraderie amongst groups that could otherwise have taken months to bond."

Up Your Street, a nod to Eastenders and Coronation Street, supplies team members with a dialogue and character names and sees them become the writers, cast and camera crew of a soap mash-up. All their efforts are then stitched together and shown on a large screen as the event finale.

Lip Sync Challenge only requires delegates to mime classic songs, which is filmed in groups performing their allocated lines. KDM's team edits the film with a themed background, offering take away copies as a souvenir DVD.

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