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Live events sector needs to find its voice in EVCOM, says Winterburn

Andrew Winterburn says he plans to galvanise the association when he leaves Ashfield at the end of the month

Pictured: Andrew Winterburn

Outgoing Ashfield Meeting & Events stalwart Andrew Winterburn says he wants to focus on galvanising EVCOM when he leaves the agency at the end of the month.

The global business director, who has been with Ashfield for 26 years, says he wants to be a louder voice for the live events side of the association the industry association. EVCOM was formed in 2013 following a merger with two associations: Eventia, representing the live events world, and the International Visual Communications Association (IVCA), representing visual communications.

Winterburn, an EVCOM board member, said: "With the coming together of IVCA and Eventia members, obviously there's been a period of change and I think some of the live events people felt that EVCOM had lost its direction in terms of representing all sides of membership.

"As ever, it takes a bit of time for the board to come together, but I think now we've got a much stronger, more cohesive board and an opportunity to go back to the members and people, as well as bigger agencies, to get them more engaged in discussions of what's happening in the industry and what the future holds.

"I want to spend a bit more time looking at what the future holds and trying to galvanise the events industry in terms of what we used to be in the old IVCA-Eventia days. We seem to have lost that a bit."

Winterburn's time at Ashfield includes playing a key role in the management team that grew the agency, then known as World Event Management, before it sold to UDG Healthcare plc in 2010. He then oversaw the rebranding of the business to Ashfield Meetings & Events.

He said he looked forward to new challenges and opportunities, and giving back to the industry. Part of that would be uniting the industry following the Brexit voted in the EU referendum.

"Like everyone else, we're all trying to find out what the reality of the situation is; what are the facts and what are the implications of the Brexit vote. That's what we're trying to do at the moment. We're trying to look at it from a practical level and get a more clear understanding of the wider implications - what do we do as an industry, how do we get one voice to government and make sure we're on the right discussions. And this doesn't need to be in isolation as EVCOM, an opportunity for associations in industry to come together and talk as well."

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