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MPs confirm push for more major business events in UK

Events Industry Board welcomes support from senior ministers to help promote industry

Pictured: Nick de Bois, chair of the Events Industry Board

Two senior MPs have indicated added support to the British events industry by reaffirming that the government will work harder promote the sector. 


Karen Bradley MP (Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport) and Tracey Crouch MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport, Tourism and Heritage) told chair of the Events Industry Board Nick de Bois they supported the push to spread awareness of the events sector. In the meeting with the MPs, de Bois also outlined the board’s progress and pressed the case for continuing advocacy for events across government.

Speaking about the endorsement, Nick de Bois said: “It was good to hear ministers back the case for pushing the message across government to support the role of events in helping the wider UK economy. Government support is crucial in advocating business events across all our industrial sectors by attending shows, supporting bids, providing funding and breaking down barriers to the UK becoming an event destination of choice.”

De Bois added: “We are getting traction in championing the idea that events can underpin the nation’s emerging industrial strategy, but our voice still needs to be heard across government as a whole.”

The Events Industry Board champions the role that events can play in developing the government’s emerging industrial strategy following the result of the European referendum and well into the future.





  • Anonymous user 07/12/2016

    Another non story from this lot.

    "It was good to hear ministers" etc etc. As if ministers never tell lies!!

    Traction is the right word. Our industry is in it while this lot enjoy danish pastries and coffee at their oh-so-important meetings.

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